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Vaccine Coin project is presenting the world a new digitalization application here, where it is going to combine the blockchain and biotechnology applications to generate the new benefits like improvement of health of world citizens. Vaccine Coin project is an innovative project, where all citizens can take part and contribute to reduce the pandemic outbreaks. Corona pandemic outbreak is causing human being so much pain, we need to find the better solutions to fight back these viruses and bacteria. Many countries are unable to maintain the records of important fields like vaccinations. Cryptocurrencies have a great impact on the world particularly in finance sector, till today there is hardly any project in the health sector, but this is going to change shortly, therefore we have worked on project in the field of health.

Blockchain technology offers the possibility to store the data, which can not be changed. This property generates a number of new medical applications, where medical field can have highly accurate data. The person does not need to carry any paper document. The low prices of cloud computing are offering new opportunities that blockchain technology applications can be developed in such a way that every citizen of the world can afford them. Not only this, mobile devices are available throughout the world, hence these are bringing new benefits to the human beings and ecosystem.

To develop these new applications, there is a need of the team experience in different field like deep understanding of a medical field, blockchain technology as well as artificial intelligence along with cybersecurity. This is case in this project.

Why we need Vaccine Coin project: Vaccination is one of important aspect of medicine as it provides us long-term immunity against many pathogens. One of the successful stories of vaccination in human history is eradication of small pox virus as this virus caused many outbreaks in human history leading many fatalities and making many beautiful people ugly with scars on their face and other parts of the body. The eradication of this virus is achieved, but now there is no need of vaccination of this virus today, but many of older people cannot even remember, when they were vaccinated. Similarly, many people are being vaccinated against Hepatitis B virus, polio, measles, rubella and mumps. Usually in developed countries like Germany, people get a paper called vaccine pass, where it is documented that you are vaccinated. Similarly in case of recent outbreaks of coronavirus, many are vaccinated with different kinds of vaccinations. After a few years, they are not going to have records of these vaccinations. Therefore, it is very important to have a place, where these records must be maintained, so that we know who is vaccinated, when the person is vaccinated and exact date of vaccination along which vaccination was used. Moreover, there are vaccinations, which causes side effects, which are needed to be monitored so that the scientists can improve these vaccinations along with the possibility to develop the tests and therapies for these side effects of vaccinations.

There are future threats of many pandemic outbreaks through influenza viruses like H5N1, H7N9 etc and there are regular outbreaks of mosquito borne viruses like dengue, west Nile, yellow fever, Zika etc, hence we need to develop new technologies to control them.

Taking in the above points in mind, we have decided to develop a project called Vaccine Coin (VAX). The blockchain technology is right technology for this project as one cannot change the data, once stored. Vaccine Coin is utility token on Binance smart chain. In this project, where the data of each vaccinated person will be stored and maintained for long term and analysis of data will be carried with software tools including artificial intelligence. Not only this, in this project, NFT technology is to be used to maintain these records. These all will lead to better measurements to control pandemic outbreaks in future and lead to develop far better vaccinations as well as therapies for side effects. User can have its vaccinated data anytime and anywhere in the world.

The token is already listed on an exchange called Azbit. Now more exchanges are going to list this token.

To develop the projects, funds are needed. Therefore, initial exchange offerings are being conducted.

This project is an important point in human history that each world citizen can take part in this project. Therefore, important points of this project as follows:

-          Prevention of future pandemic outbreaks

-          Development of better vaccinations and tests

-          Development of earlier identifications of side effects

-          Development of the basis of new tests and therapies of side effects

-          Maintaining the records of vaccinated persons on blockchain

-          Experienced team from field of virology and immunology from Germany

-          Applications of NFT and AI

The website and app will be launched at the end of 2024 and other aspects like using AI and NFT tools will be in 2026.

Today, there are around 800 token holders around the world.

Contract address: 0xd92b19fce032dd4814c85edbb7655bfea1adfbc5


Explorer: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Team: The project is backed with an experienced team in the field of virology and immunology. They have developed many innovative solutions at the Genekam Biotechnology AG for pandemic viruses.


Risks: The project have risks because of many reasons e.g. lacking funds, wars, political situation, change in the laws and economical changes in the world. There are cybersecurity and other computer technology related risks. This can lead to complete closure of this project. There are risks, which cannot be predicated today as these are new technologies.


Impact of this project: If this project is implemented properly, it is likely to have huge impact on the health status of the world citizen. The user has its vaccination data available anytime and anywhere as this is major task of this project.

Other benefits can be as follows: It will also reduce the burdens on health system as everybody has maintained its data in this project. Other important impacts will be generation of data for improvement in the vaccination procedure. This project will be able to deliver data to show how long the vaccinations are effective and how long the side effects occur. This project can also create data, which vaccine technology really create the best vaccine. Moreover, one can have highly accurate data over a long period of time. This project will be an important part of modern immunology and virology. NFT and artificial intelligence may provide new kinds of results, which are not know today in medicine.


Recommendation: User should read also white paper.


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